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#Fresh #Cosmetics: Sugar Lipstick and the reasons why you should not miss it

Sugar Fresh

Fresh is an American brand known to create natural cosmetics (visit the website here). Unfortunately it is not distributed in Italy at the moment and Italy is where I live, but if you happen to drop to the United States for business or pleasure, do not forget to go to a Sephora shop and grab at least once of these fantastic cocoa butters.

It’s called Sugar and stands halfway between lipstick, gloss and butter.
The interesting thing is that it is distributed in a wide multitude of colors, tones and flavors: from pale pink to rose-flavored , until the purple plum and red cherry.

The stick has a fantastic metallic packaging , which in your hands will look like a valuable, elegant lipstick and with an unusual opening screw.
The stick stains the lips so translucent but very intensely so be careful not to overdo to avoid looking like a mask. It moisturizes well and lasts long. However, just for the intense colors, unless you opt for the natural version, always apply it while you look in the mirror. Just like a lipstick.

In Europe, the only Fresh salespoint is located in London, Marylebone High Street, not far from Baker Street. See here

The advice: in some outlets are also available small packs of mini-sticks to try just 3 types of gloss in one.

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