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#Chanel “Where Beauty Begins” – Face Treatments Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend

chanel_jour_nuit_weekendChanel is back  on skincare, after years of particular focus on the make-up thanks to the splendid work of Peter Philips. Chanel has now to reinvent the range of skincare and make-up , without distorting and losing concentration on exclusivity and relevance of its products.

It does not seem anything to lose concentration with this trio of treatments Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend, presented with an impressive advertising campaign, especially online, where the French fashion house leaves its mark thanks to thousands of fans and bloggers in the world who cannot wait for any news coming from the double C.

The protagonist of the campaign is Diane Kruger and the launch is based on the slogan “Where Beauty Begins” .  Just like more recent campaigns with Brad Pitt and Keira Knightley , the advertisement is not hugely fantastic: only the charm of ultra- glossy actor or actress of the moment. But it is Chanel after all and the brand says it all.

So here’s what’s behind the trio of treatments. The idea of ​​the team of Chanel Beauty is that our skin is subjected to different stress during the week and that therefore it is necessary to treat it with at least three different treatments: two dedicated to the working week, one evening and one morning, and one specific to a single day per week, to use morning and evening, but only for a day during the weekend.

I have been trying these creams for a few days, including last Sunday with the Treatment Weekend.

chanel_trio creme

Response? Here it is:

Le Jour de Chanel
We assume that this treatment is a serum for the face.
This means that if your skin is normal or dry, there will be enough to achieve complete hydration. In the leaflet accompanying the cream it says that it should be used under normal moisturizer, then just like a serum.
Personally I’m using it alone, because the temperature is still high in spite of winter and my skin is mixed with a tendency to be a bit  oily. So I find that this is a very liquid texture, light, pearly that is spread in a few steps and absorbs immediately. The basis of this treatment is the jasmine which helps to make freshier the appearance of the face and prepares to temperature and environmental conditions.
I would say that it is an excellent product at the level of a serum. For fall and winter, however, it cannot be used alone and it must be paired with a moisturizer. To spend about 80 euros for a serum is not a trivial matter, having also to combine it with another treatment becomes challenging.

La Nuit de Chanel
In my opinion, this is the treatment number 1 among the three of them
. Or at least what you’d be willing to spend a few pounds more. The night treatment is soothing, restorative and full of incense extract and hyaluronic acid. It has a white texture, full-bodied but not heavy. It is absorbed by the skin leaving it nourished. Hyaluronic acid is released a little time and the skin looks really smooth and elastic awakening. After only two days of use, I assure you that you will notice the difference and I find it is really a great product . So if I had to choose among the three before throwing away 80€ , that’s where I would invest!

Le Weekend de Chanel
This fluid, halfway between serum and cream, contains rose extract and it smells really great.
But it also contains glycolic acid and it is precisely for this reason that it is a treatment to be used sparingly because it exfoliates the skin, deep cleans even if you only seem to apply a cream like many others.
I had no particular problems. I thought it was a great fluid, very well tolerated but the paper talks about the possibility of slight irritation on sensitive skin. So ladies , before you invest in it,  ask for a sample to test your tolerance. Hours after application, I still feel the skin of the face covered with this cream. It’s not a bad feeling but it must be said that it is almost a kind of permanent mask that lasts a day. It should be applied morning and evening of one day a week on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday).
It costs a little more than his “cousins” ​​, reaching the price of around 90 Euros .

The three treatments are also available in a single pack to the ” modest ” price of 240 Euros .
For those who want to overdo it …

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