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Glamglow Youthmud™: Hollywood stars face mask. Here’s my opinion


glamglowAfter using this so much advertised mask for five times, the YouthMud ™ by GlamGlow purchased from Sephora, I’m ready to review outspokenly.

Now all beauty products lovers know everything about GlamGlow, how this new brand was created by two Americans, Shannon and Glenn Dellimore,  just right for their circle of friends that includes famous people such as Keanu Reeves,  Jennifer Aniston,  Michael Bublé, Natalie Portman and a lot of other famous stars.


Two Americans have created a mysterious concoction but – they say – powerful to act in a few minutes on the faces of the stars and make them immediately fresher, younger , brighter. 
A face mask based on a mix of ingredients that combines clay, volcanic pumice and especially tea leaves.

There are two basic versions of this mask, YouthMud ™ ( the black one ) which has a fast -aging and SuperMud ( the white one ) that acts on the other hand, younger skin and acne by limiting the impact of large pores and spots blacks .
I’m currently trying the black one, the first born of the family GlamGlow purchased from Sephora for the “modest ” price of €49.90 for 50ml of product.

Here’s what I think :
Personally I love tea and all the products that smell like tea.
The scent of this mask is frankly heavenly for me, because it really smells like a cup of tea, in a mix of scent of bergamot and white tea . Promoted as a perfume.
The texture of the mask is special: it looks like a normal clay mask , very compact and similar to the clay, which the skin hardens and dries, but the presence of real tea leaves makes the mask and then a bit lumpy and difficult to apply on the skin. Some “pieces” of the mask come off while in fact it is applied and the texture tends to appear rather than creamy and therefore it is not easy to apply .

The exposure time depends very much on your skin but it should not be left more than 10 minutes because it starts to dry out and the skin dries out a little . I do not recommend it even to those who have a very very sensitive skin because it plays very intense exfoliation then it is absolutely forbidden for those who have already reddened skin!

To wash it off, do not use a sponge if you do not want to exfoliate even more. Simply use warm water before massaging the face a little bit to distribute the product well on the face and then rinse it all away.
The result? Indeed, the skin is perfectly bright , definitely ready for a portrait even without makeup. The effect , however, lasts just long enough, the skin stays fresh for a few hours and maintains excellent elasticity. For the rest, I find it absolutely a mask similar to many others on the market.
However, it remains a product that is giving me a really good mood because this scent of tea is really intense and wonderfully relaxing. Sure, the price is not exactly affordable for everyone though!

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