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Cosmetics from Korea: May Coop 5.100.12 – the secrets behind maple sap

maycoop_corea_aceroDuring the recent edition of Cosmoprof – the main cosmetics fair held in Bologna, Italy – I tried to focus on some particular news to tell you about in the days following the fair, trying to discover new brands and new names of products to select and write about after trying carefully the products that the companies kindly gave me in sampling sizes.

I do not want to limit myself only to renown brands that we all already love, but instead prefer to introduce something new, something that could be a trend sooner or later even in Italy and Europe.

This Korean company , May Coop 5.100.12, is a perfect example. As we know , the vast majority of the cosmetics used for facial skin are based upon water. May Coop instead chooses maple sap and from this ingredient comes from its complex name: May (and therefore the number 5 ) is the season when we extract the serum, Coop stands for “group”, “cooperation”, 100 recalls 100% natural composition and 12 is the year of establishment (2012) of the company.

May Coop was looking for a distributor in Italy, and the rest of Europe because at the moment its products are sold in Asia (Hong Kong inclusive), the USA and a few other places. Online you can find them on Peach & Lily, exporting (on request) to Italy. We could make a long speech on the Asian cosmetics , so popular and on the rise but I’ll just tell you that if I were a buyer of large perfumeries or department stores Italian, I would not miss this line.

The samples that I have been given, among those there was the Raw Sauce, which is used more or less as a tonic but has a texture which is more “composed” just like it was a face serum, a pair of face creams day, night cream and eye contour .
The idea behind these products is that scientifically maple sap is more easily absorbed by the skin and that the high concentration of sugars and vitamins allows the skin to hydrate quickly to repair and prevent skin problems.

I can honestly say that these products are amazing.
They are designed for normal skin, have wonderful textures, the fragrance is light and inviting. But it is especially the excellent results using just one week (the samples I have enough for this time period) that surprised me.
In particular, the use of the eye cream – very gentle – and night cream made me really positively impressed. The skin was smooth, softened and signs of fatigue limited.
Beautiful packaging also reminisces of the wood. Shall we ever see them in an Italian shop or department store? I surely hope so.

The company’s website is here, too bad though (at least for me) is unreadable…